Reverse Auction for Energy Procurement

For large commercial and industrial clients looking to procure energy (electric and gas), Eisenbach Consulting, LLC has a proprietary reverse auction software platform that can be used to quickly and conveniently procure energy while achieving the best possible pricing.

Features & Benefits of Reverse Auctions

  • Private, safe, and secure auction platform
  • Only pre-screened, leading energy suppliers can participate
  • Simple, easy to use/understand interface for clients and suppliers
  • Complete transparency allows clients to see who bid, how much, and at what time
  • Quick, effective, and convenient way to maximize cost-savings while procuring energy

Our reverse auction platform brings leading energy suppliers to the table all at once.  During this private, real-time auction, energy providers bid and compete for a client’s energy procurement business.  Once a client’s auction begins, representatives from these pre-screened energy suppliers are waiting to bid and compete to offer the lowest price per kWh or MCF.  When the auction comes to end, whichever energy supplier bid the lowest wins the client’s business.  Eisenbach Consulting will then facilitate the transaction for a quick, hassle-free close for both parties.

Our reverse auction energy procurement platform features a real-time “countdown” clock, as well as a comprehensive bid history that allows both clients and suppliers to see exactly how much was bid, by whom, and at exactly what time for complete transparency. Bidding history is also displayed in real-time on a graph within the auction platform.  This graph provides our clients with the ability to watch their energy rates fall as suppliers compete and place lower bids.

With 13 years of experience in energy procurement, we knew exactly how to build an efficient, streamlined reverse auction platform that allowed for a smooth transaction for both clients and providers.  Our clients and providers love using it.

If you’re interested in learning more about using our reverse auction platform to procure energy for your company, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.