Company Vision

Eisenbach Consulting’s vision is to be the best and most successful energy consulting firm in the markets we serve.

Being the best means we bring the most value to our clients through supplier relationships, industry expertise, innovation, professionalism, customer service and most importantly, integrity. We meet each challenge by going the extra mile to get the best result for each client, exploring every avenue and presenting the best options.

Supplier Relationships: It takes a special company to have the relationships to approach numerous energy suppliers for any niche of client in any open market and achieve a much better result than any individual customer can achieve on their own.

Industry Expertise: Rest assured that each and every person at Eisenbach Consulting, LLC has the resources and expertise to help you achieve results. Our product is our people and we invest heavily in them. We are content with excellence, satisfied with perfection.

Innovation: The energy industry is volatile. Financially, politically, technically, everything changes not once a generation, but almost daily. We work hard to bring products and services to our clients that work today and tomorrow. Each client has different needs and innovation in energy products and services bears tailored solutions.

Professionalism: Nobody likes to work with an oaf. The ability to effectively communicate with sophisticated business professionals means we must strive for an equal level of sophistication. Our consultants will treat you with consideration and respect.

Customer Service: Eisenbach Consulting, LLC employs a dedicated staff with the single purpose of taking care of customer service issues. We want every client to know that if they want, they never have to call a supplier’s customer service department directly. The front line of customer service is with us. We put our supplier relationships to work very effectively in the area of quick resolution to customer service requests.

Integrity: The phrase “Always do the right thing” is engrained in the mind of everyone here from day one; It’s our motto. We treat our clients like we want to be treated and it’s as simple as that.