Energy Procurement

Eisenbach Consulting offers several types of energy procurement services.  Please contact us for more information on any of these services:

Electricity Procurement
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC maintains strong relationships with trusted Retail Electricity Providers to bring you the best value, most reliable service and lowest rates in your area. Compare electricity rates and service plans online or speak to one of our consultants.
Natural Gas
There are many ways to buy the volatile commodity of natural gas. Natural gas prices change by the minute and suppliers come and go with the wind.  We simply the sometimes complex task of purchasing and arranging for delivery of natural gas at competitive prices.


Eisenbach Consulting, LLC works with numerous distributors, brokers and owners of new, refurbished and used co-generation units ranging from 50kW to 3+mW. Leverage our network of leading energy industry relationships to buy or sell your industrial co-generation power plant.
Renewable Energy
Demand for renewable energy has increased recently. Fortunately for the buyers of renewable energy, supply has increased even faster. Our expert Energy Procurement team will help your company buy or sell Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Learn about incentives for going Green!