Eisenbach Consulting, LLC’s founding principle is “Always do the right thing.”

As a company, we work hard to do the right thing with our team members, clients, suppliers and the communities we’re connected to. God has richly blessed us with wonderfully loyal clients, generous suppliers and exceptional team members.

The loyalty, generosity and hard work of those clients, suppliers and team members overflows in many ways, but in particular, through giving.

Causes/Organizations Supported by Eisenbach Consulting

Periodically we makes a contribution to an organization that is near to one of our customers or employees. Below is a brief description of when and why.

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP)

Texas CoalitionTexas Coalition for Animal Protection is a nonprofit organization that provides compassionate solutions to pet overpopulation and community animal welfare. TCAP does this by making affordable, high quality preventative services available to Texas pet owners.

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

stjude“I have a family member that has been affected by childhood cancer and cerebral palsy. She just had her 16th birthday and without research and development in childhood disease and cancer treatment she may not be with us still. Her parents have had tough times but have been able to endure through the past 16 years with the help of funding from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I am blessed that Eisenbach Consulting’s Benevolence Fund has afforded me the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to help my family when they needed it most.”

Marsha Lucas
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC

Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

mjf“Parkinson’s disease research is something that is close to my heart. Recently, at the age of 36, my cousin was diagnosed. While it is hard for me to see his difficulties, programs like this help to reaffirm hope. The Michael J. Fox foundation is not only searching for a cure, but they help families and friends of those affected to cope and learn how to help. Also, they have set up programs nationwide to help Parkinson’s patients gain control over their body and to slow the effects of the disease.

Through the Fox Foundation, my cousin was able to join a boxing group that has helped his movements significantly. His progress is truly amazing. Without the Michael J. Fox Foundation, it would not be possible. Although there isn’t a cure yet, the Fox Foundation will not stop until one is found. They have made huge steps toward helping people with the disease and I am proud that Eisenbach Consulting supports the cause.”

Kristina Woodward
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC

Discovery Science Place

“Discovery Science Place is a great organization that ignites curiosity in young minds through fun and hands-on exploration. Kids need to be exposed to science in an entertaining environment. Hopefully, it will encourage further study and development on their part in school, and perhaps as a career. I’m happy we were able to support a local program.”

Gwen Graham
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC

Humane Society of East Texas (HSOET)

HSOET-160“As a life-long dog (and cat) lover, I have always admired Humane Societies and their dedication to our animal companions. The organizations and their dedicated staff give a voice to the animals in need of a forever-home. I have adopted a dog from the shelter (in Oregon) and have steered many people to them. Since moving to Tyler, I have volunteered as a dog walker at the Humane Society of East Texas (HSOET) and have seen first-hand their commitment to local animals.

I am thrilled that HSOET is the winner of the monthly donation from Eisenbach Consulting. This donation will help provide for the dogs and cats that temporarily call the shelter home until they can be adopted. As a no-kill shelter, I applaud them for making the unlimited time commitment to each and every animal that comes through their door. Thank you HSOET for your support of our canine and feline friends.”

Gwen Graham
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC

Aangan of India

AANGAN-160“Over 40% of India’s children fight a daily battle against abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation, I always wanted to help in some way to protect their heart against all the torture and then I learnt about Aangan. Aangan works on strengthening protection mechanisms for the most vulnerable children in need with the firm belief that each child’s safety and protection is the first step towards any kind of development.”

Sanjana Kapur
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC

Salvation Army

Salvation-army-160“The Salvation Army is one of those organization’s whose collection efforts are very visible, but who’s actual work in the community is not as obvious. In North and East Texas, I have seen the work this organization does pay huge dividends in the lives of people on the fringe of society.

From start to finish, I have seen those with drug addictions, the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, people with mental illnesses and so many others benefit from the love and care provided through effective, well-managed programs the Salvation Army provides. This rock-solid organization brings help for real, hurting people both spiritually and physically. I hope you will consider a gift to The Salvation Army today.”

Sandy Eisenbach
Eisenbach Consulting, LLC