Natural Gas Procurement

Eisenbach Consulting provides a turnkey service to our clients with natural gas procurement needs. Each client works with a professional energy manager (a real, live person) that takes special care of your account. They are able to manage your natural gas procurement in virtually any deregulated market with competitive products that offer real choices: Fixed, Index (NYMEX), Basis Swaps, or Blended Products with full or partial swing tolerance, firm or interruptible service, management for storage and balancing with the term length that is best for you.

In addition, we can offer fixed or pass through components such as fuel to the city gate or burner tip and advise the best products for your specific location and type of business.

We are proud to offer:

  • Knowledge of all major pipelines and deregulated natural gas markets
  • Negotiations of your contract terms with suppliers
  • Price negotiations for the best price possible with no hidden fees
  • Custom tailored products for your specific company
  • Bill audit to ensure that your supplier is doing as they agreed

Our fee is paid by the suppliers.  It’s the same regardless of the supplier you choose, so we’re completely unbiased. We just want you to get the best deal so that you’ll continue to be our customer when it comes time to renew your energy agreement(s).

Our nationwide presence and experience in the industry enable us to handle national accounts with multiple commodities. You can even save money while making a positive impact on the environment with green natural gas from offsets of renewable energy credits (RECs).

Contact us to immediately to begin working with one of our experienced energy consultants.

Natural Gas by State

We offer natural gas procurement to clients in the following states: