California Natural Gas Procurement

California is the most populous state and the third largest by landmass; because of this, The state as a whole is a major consumer of natural gas despite its mild climate. To best serve our customers, we specialize in natural gas procurement behind San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Gas Co., Pacific Gas Co., and Southwest Gas Corp.

This allows us to offer complete energy management for your natural gas procurement (and other energy related products and services) in almost every part of the state. We offer the options that are truly important to you such as:

  • Fixed natural gas rates to shelter you from the risk
  • Variable products based from the NYMEX Index or Basis Swaps from more local indices such as the Golden Gate Center in northern California and the California Energy Hub in southern California
  • Any blend or combination of fixed or variable
  • Inclusive or Exclusive (pass through) fuel and transmission charges

In a market filled with uncertainty it is important to be able to have someone that you can trust that knows the market and all of its intricacies. We also offer many Green options to reduce your carbon footprint today and make a positive impact in your environment tomorrow.

We offer real options that are important to you:

  • Green energy options that are better for the environment
  • Swing tolerance (Usage Variance) from 0% to 100% (Full Swing)
  • Locked in or pass through pricing components such as fuel to the city gate or burner tip
  • Specific custom made products just for you
  • Forward start date agreements to protect you long term

Feel free to ask for more information and we will get back to you within a couple of hours, or give us a call and speak to one of our highly trained consultants now.