Commercial Energy Advisor


Send your resume and cover letter (PDF) to careers@eisenbachconsulting (dot com).

Full-time, plus commission | Tyler, TX

Salary + Bonus: $30,000 – $45,000 yearly with advancement opportunities

About the Job

Eisenbach Consulting is a national energy consulting firm that helps homes and businesses purchase energy.

This Commercial Energy Advisor position in our commercial energy team is an opportunity to break into an exciting and growing industry at a company with a clearly defined career advancement plan tailored for those who demonstrate consistent excellence in their day to day activity.

This employment opportunity is on-location at 5759 Eagles Nest Blvd, Suite 1 Tyler, TX 75701.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8am – 5pm (and sometimes a bit later).

Senior Level to Management responsibilities and compensation in as little as two years:
Energy Consultant Compensation: Salary + Bonus – $45,000-$90,000
Comp w/ advancement to Senior Energy Consultant (min 2 years): $70,000 – $200,000

Day to Day Activities

▪ Facilitate energy procurement (e.g. electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy) for commercial clients
▪ Facilitate energy management services (e.g. Demand Response, lighting retrofits, engineering services, etc.) medium to large commercial clients
▪ Be able to discuss in person, on the phone or web meeting your recommendation for a procurement strategy and why you have selected the strategy based on your own research.
▪ Exhibit and project Eisenbach Consulting core values.
▪ Discuss market trends, various strategies for procurement and how they correlate with the goals of the company with whom you are speaking
▪ Call existing clients for customer experience surveys, routine audits and follow up
▪ Constant Industry research / continuing education.
▪ Energy bill audits
▪ Producing proposals for prospective clients

Provide turnkey procurement strategies with custom products tailor made to fit the customer’s unique needs.

Constant progressive involvement in trending market performance and market forces both current and forecasted to predict market movement for procurement strategies

Working with company owners and business executives to build rapport that should develop into career long relationships

Desired Personal Attributes

Certain personal attributes are highly sought-after at Eisenbach Consulting:

▪ Hard-working
▪ Thoughtful
▪ Disciplined
▪ Confident
▪ Detail-oriented
▪ Smart
▪ VERY STRONG communication skills, both written and verbal.
▪ Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply.
▪ We are progressive in terms of technology. We will ask you to demonstrate that you are advanced with web research and posses advanced desktop software knowledge (e.g. Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets), etc.
▪ Know how to be a professional. We are pretty laid back, but we are also all experts at what we do. Customers and suppliers don’t know that unless we present our energy knowledge in a professional (and friendly) way. Being a professional means that you bring your best training, attitude and work ethic to the table for our clients and your coworkers

Required Professional Experience

▪ Minimum 1 year energy industry experience
▪ Demonstrate advanced understanding of the energy markets and how they relate to end-user procurement

Eisenbach Consulting, LLC performs criminal background checks and applicants must be willing to submit to a pre-employment drug test.


▪ Bachelor’s degree required in business, finance, economics, or related field.
▪ Certifications are looked on admirably
▪ Life lessons are respectfully acknowledged